Tim Joseph


Tim has been a writer and researcher most of his life, and currently (and perhaps fittingly!) works at Hull Library. He has also been a keen archivist of Hull’s popular music scene, and for many years published a well respected local music fanzine called Where.

Tim, who issued several indie records as part of a duo called England Under Snow,  has always been fascinated by what he sees as the neglected and often deliberately ignored outer edges of pop music, and began researching the story of the cover albums some years ago, before deciding to concentrate on a book about the Top Of The Pops albums in particular. He plans to follow it up with a second book rounding up the many similar but less well known cover labels.

His other musical fascinations include BBC session recordings while outside music he has also been working on a history of Hull’s Garden Village, built by industry mogul James Reckitt.

3 thoughts on “Tim Joseph

  1. I am curious what kind of info is available on these releases as far as musicians and producers involved would be?
    Also, would like to hear from Tim [had contact with him years back].


  2. Kevin, the book will have producer information for most of the recordings. It will also have quite a lot of detail on the session musicians. I will alert Tim to your posting and hopefully he will be in touch. Simon

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