Easy On The Eye as a concept came about a few years ago when album collectors Vince Kelly (curator at Manchester Art Gallery) and Simon Robinson (graphic designer based in Sheffield) put together a very popular exhibition of easy listening album sleeve art at Blackpool Art Gallery. Since then a popular web site (given a glowing review in the Guardian) has carried the theme forward.
Now Easy On The Eye are overseeing a number of illustrated books centred on post-war popular culture themes, offering detailed well written text and strong visual content to interest collectors, designers and students. Several of the upcoming titles look at different aspects of record sleeve design, as well as vintage photography. The books will be sourced from a number of writers and collectors who share similar aims. Easy On The Eye Books aims to make attention to quality and detail uppermost.
The titles will all carry matching graphics and be a similar format and size. They will be full colour throughout, printed in Europe and designed in the UK. The books will not be ‘cheap as chips’ but given the content and quality will present good value for money.
The publishers were pleased to meet one distributor at the London Book Fair, who studied the proposed titles in detail and proclaimed Easy On The Eye to be the ‘best new publisher we’ve met all week”.