Easy On The Eye Books began a few years ago as an adjunct to our  other business. We have now decided to focus our attention on book publishing and from 2021 will begin a more regular schedule of new titles and catching up with some older delayed releases.

Go Home On A Postcard The Story of Walking Pictures

Easy On The Eye is centred on illustrated books on all aspects of mainly post-war popular culture, offering detailed well written text and strong visual content. The books will be sourced both from our own archives and a number of writers, experts and collectors who share similar interests. Easy On The Eye Books aim to make attention to quality and detail uppermost, publishing books we ourselves would wish to buy.

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The titles will all be a similar format and size. They are full colour throughout, printed in Europe and the UK, and designed in the UK. The books will not be ‘cheap as chips’,  but given the content and quality will present good value for money.  Reviews have been universally excellent for our titles so far as you can read on this site.

Deep Purple Wait For The Ricochet easy on the eye books

Since the launch we have also begun a series of limited edition larger format coffee table books for the collector’s market, the first of which – devoted to the rock group Yes – received much praise from buyers (it is already sold out).

Easy On The Eye as a concept came about some years ago when album collectors Vince Kelly (then a curator at Manchester Art Gallery) and Simon Robinson (a graphic designer based in Sheffield who co-founded RPM Records) put together a very popular exhibition of easy listening album sleeve art at Blackpool Art Gallery. Since then a popular web site (given a glowing review in the Guardian) has carried the theme forward.

Feedback is always welcome as are ideas for future titles; if you’re sat on an archive and don’t know what to do with it, speak to us!