The Art Of The Bizarre Record Sleeve

More details on this sleeve art book will follow. There are some new PAGE PREVIEWS up on the site. This title supports an ongoing exhibition programme.

Basically the book revolves around the brilliant sleeve collection of Steve Goldman which popped up (pun intended) at a public exhibition in Huddersfield a while ago. It then reappeared at Stoke’s excellent Spode Pottery Museum and we went over to see it and meet Steve and discussed the idea of a book. There are any number of “worst record sleeve” galleries out there on the internet, most seem to recycle the same poor jpegs over and over. There have even been a handful of very cheap books on the subject. But we figured that while these covers can be seen as bad from a variety of angles, there had to be a story behind them. So we’re trying to tackle the subject properly, contact artists and designers where possible, and see what happened. You’ll be able to chuckle over some utterly astonishing covers but also the stories behind many of them. The core of the book is vinyl of course but the odd (and we mean very odd) CD may turn up as well!


10am til 4pm Thursday 23rd March – Sunday 2nd April at the Huddersfield Literature Festival Hub, Huddersfield Piazza, Princess Alexandra Walk HD1 2RS.

For any galleries interested in showing this material please contact Richard at DIVERSITY PR direct, but note bookings into 2024 are already in place –

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The book title has now been changed to THE ART OF THE BIZARRE RECORD SLEEVE as Steve’s collection includes a few 7″ singles and even a couple of CDs he is keen to see included.