The above books are due towards the end of 2014. Two more books are scheduled for early 2015:

  • DEEP PURPLE – FIRE IN THE SKY – The Story of Machine Head and Smoke On The Water – One of the biggest selling rock albums of all time which produced what is widely regarded as the most famous rock riff ever.
  • GO HOME ON A POSTCARD – WALKING PICTURES – The fascinating history of commercial street photography, or walking pictures as they are known,  from 1920 to 1960.

Two more books are also in preparation for 20125.

  • WHEN COVER GIRLS RULED THE WORLD – Tackles the fascinating story of the Top Of The Pops cover version albums of the later sixties and seventies.
  • STARSTRUCK – ART OF JAPANESE SINGLE SLEEVE Vol One – A fabulous collection of ultra rare Japanese single covers from the 60s – 80s, with hundreds of illustrations.

You can read more about the new books and see samples by checking the separate sections for each title.