Our official online store is the easiest way to get our books and helps keep the business viable, but you can order from local books shops; see below.

From bookshops • Easy On The Eye are keen help independent high-street stores survive the onslaught of the giant internet sellers (who operate by demanding massive discounts from suppliers and dodging their tax by pretending to be based in Luxembourg). So we would much rather you purchase from a local book shop, who will be glad to order for you if they do not have a title on the shelf – just quote the ISB number for the book. Waterstones don’t seem to want to stock our titles nationally, so feel free to badger them to change their minds! If you’re in Sheffield, our recommended local stockist is the excellent Books On The Park, on Ecclesall Road. Near the park.

Brian Smith American Blues photographs 1960sDirect from us • If you do prefer to use mail order, then please come direct to us via our  secure online store (email us if you have any questions). Thousands of people have already done so! We supply our current titles from stock quickly, pack them properly and ship worldwide. Sales like this help keep publishers going, there’s a discount for coming to us and if you want, we’ll keep you updated on future publications. The store also has associated products such as posters and prints.

Phone orders • If you are still not an online shopper, we can accept credit card payment over the phone, please use the details on the Contact page.

If you are interested in a title which is not yet on sale, email us via the form on the contact page and we will then be in touch with you when we have a final publication date.

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