Deadline copy Blondies Parallel Lines sleeveCovered got held up a few more days when it was discovered that all my carefully prepared artwork had been converted to PDF, but in doing so I’d not clicked the “preserve bleed” option, so the printers could not proceed (when printers guillotine books down to finished size, they like a bit of overlap at the outside of the pages otherwise you risk getting white edges to your pictures). As it took me an hour to re-output then five hours to check and upload the files again, it’s a lesson I’ll not forget in a hurry! In the past I’ve used pre-set options so not had to worry about this small but important option. In the meantime, here are Deadline trying to look mean and Parallel Lines era Blondie-like!

Easy Book Store

easy on the eye on line shopThe Easy On The Eye on-line shop is recommended for ordering books, as well as exclusive mail-order only items like promotional posters, photographs and prints. Orders can also be placed over the phone by credit card for those who prefer a bit of human contact, or have any questions to ask.

Covered covered in Belgian papers

Author Jan Bellekens has been grabbed for a story on the Covered book by the Gazet van Antwerpen (Antwerp Gazette), one of Belgium’s national papers. They interviewed him about the book and photographed him for the paper, as well as running a selection of whacky covers. Jan has also been featured in another local paper. Here’s a clip from the Antwerp feature; you can look at them in full on our site here.

Jan Bellekens story on the Covered book in Gazet van Antwerpen